ATC Design Group

The Benefits to Using ATC

We often hear from clients how time consuming and inefficient it is for them to juggle multiple consultants. If you are in this position you know the issues first hand. You have to keep all the plates spinning to keep your project on schedule. This requires hours of consultant coordination, meetings, conference calls, and resolving disputes between consultants. You get to deal with them all. Even if you hire an architect and put all the other consultants under his umbrella, you still have issues, but now they’re his. There is another way. We think, a better way.

Imagine if you could make one phone call and have all of your consultants at your fingertips. Well you can! Since 1993, ATC has been providing architecture; civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering; surveying; planning, entitlements, permitting, and construction testing services to our clients all with in-house staff. Just think about it. No more juggling consultants. No more delays due to consultant schedules. No more plan inconsistencies due to poor coordination. Our existing clients have expressed satisfaction in knowing that they can have their finger on the pulse of their projects with a single call.

The result of this "one stop shop" approach is:

  • Reduced overall design costs
  • Reduced overall construction costs
  • Greater efficiency in client/consultant communication
  • A higher quality completed project, and
  • A compressed timeframe between design and permitting

If you are looking for a better way call us today at (760) 738-8809 or send an email to Chris Post, our CEO at